Wednesday, August 10, 2016

An office where fun and work co-exist!

I work from a home office operating from a small table that serves as my desk space cum my laptop space, writing table and what not.The only solace is that I face a fabulously maintained lawn outside the window.

So when I came across an office that has a space constraint but has been so  meticulously designed that what you see is a wide expanse of open area in front of you. It has a relaxing cafe or lounge like ambiance such that work becomes fun!

 Without beating around the bush,let me reveal the address of this creative office area.
Creative and digital agency, ColourCraft Studio, blurs the lines with its new Mumbai headquarters designed to reflect its identity, values and culture.

ColourCraft Studio is a 1600 sqft space in Prabhadevi Mumbai and true to their design philosophy of functionality,aesthetics and minimalism they created an office space within a tight budget and a record time  of two months! How is that and there is more to this ....

So many fine details that one may take for granted have been all well thought, planned and put into execution.

A creative environment needs open space.How did CCS ensure that? Well, they have lofty ceilings,nothing is concealed. right from exposed brick walls,pipes that run though out the office,no separate cubicles but one big open plan which ensures better interaction and exchange of ideas too!

What I especially liked at CCS and felt that other small offices and entrepreneurs can implement   are:

  • Community table that doubles up as a lunch table
  • Open deskspace without separators for flexible seating and collaboration 
  • Electrical outlets on the table as opposed to below the desk where it is inconvenient 
  •  Hooks under the table for hanging bags 
  •  Moveable white and black boards for brainstorming anywhere 

Another great idea was to have conference room double up as bar or a lounge. After having tackled the space issue the next step was to have an aesthetically pleasing environment.I truly loved the quirkiness factor induced in CCS. If an area is too minimalist in structure it may hit upon as a cold and stark place to work at. But this was taken care with antiques sought from Chor bazzar.

The quirky appeal...

Old Switchboards...

I love the rustic appeal it carries...

The creative adult is the child who survived!... so so true

Nature in all its glory!

The employees can't ask for more what with features such as surround speakers with soothing music, a bar and a game area equipped with carrom,tennis and football and the topping on the cake with the aroma of coffee from an espresso wafting in the air!

The key elements to be noted from the designing of ColourCraft Studio

  • Any space can be converted into a creative zone with proper planning
  • Adding fun elements results in a productive environment
  • Space and expenses can always be managed to our benefit, if the principles of Form function and aesthetics are in balance.
Do You work from a place like this?If so, share with me .I will be glad to feature it here.

And peeps we are into August from where all the fun and festivals begin.I have a simple DIY for you.Stay tuned!


meg said...

Loved the vintage fan and brick walls and brass kettle...

Anonymous said...

Nice blog ....great concept work with fun is cool idea.

Unknown said...

Beautiful office!! All the tips you provided are very useful. Actually I have purchased some artificial flowers and trees from, they are amazing.

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