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TUNI- Textiles, yoU aNd I

Have you heard of Tuni Interiors and the very talented founder Mrinmayee Dhobale? If not then it's time you know them.

Tuni interiors is an enterprise that brings textiles and interior design closer to each other.Textiles play a huge role in the decor of a home and that is where Tuni interiors come in.

About the founder:

Mrinmayee Dhobale is an alumnus of NIFT and London College of Fashion who began the conceptualization and planning of TUNI in early August 2013 and finally, it took shape on 29 January 2014 and had its successful debut exhibit in March 2014.

In Mrinmayee's words...

 'I have a huge weakness for art and all things handmade. Wanting to put together art and textiles, very simply put that's how TUNI was born. I absolutely love traveling and the search for beautiful art work takes me to various cities. Having, travel incorporated in my work has been the best part of it. '

Her future plans for Tuni interiors

'I want to collaborate with more artists (folk or contemporary) and bring their art form to life through various textiles and home decor products. The time of fabric tents and fabric wall coverings has been my biggest inspiration, I strongly feel textiles add the warmth a home needs. In the future I see myself filling homes with beautiful textiles from TUNI.  
 In collaboration with an interior firm in Hyderabad, I am currently working on the interiors of an apartment as well. In my opinion textile and interior design goes hand in hand and that is what I am experimenting with.'

Tuni interiors believes in exclusivity and therefore customization is its forte.They thoroughly understand the customers requirement and then work towards achieving aesthetic brilliance!
One aspect that pulled me towards Tuni was their involvement with the folk art forms &  regional textiles of India. Be it Madhubani, Warli, Kerala Murals, Ikkat designs, khunn fabrics...the list continues.

The designing at Tuni  is a two way process.On the core level they work in sync with their artisans, pairing their design skills with the executional abilities of the craftsmen, nurturing their relationship at each level.
Also while engaging in design development  of homes /offices they collaborate with the architects and interior designers to create the best as per the clients requirement.

TUNI has a well networked team of highly skilled artists, artisans and craftsmen from the interiors of India. They engage with the rural artists to create new designs and products exclusively for their clientele. In the process, TUNI helps them access new markets and possibilities.

Today I would want to showcase their Kerala Mural art form on textiles.Each and every piece is beyond description. It is a true example of art,textiles and decor blending beautifully to create the desired effect.

About this collection : Mural Virtuosity

TUNI brings to your coffee table, a story from Guruwayur, Kerala....

Once upon a time, in the land of Guruwayur, Kerala, there was a beautiful Devaswom (temple). Artists and devotees covered its walls in mural paintings. They drew inspiration from mythological and folk tales. The artists used vegetable dyes to add colour to their tales. In an unfortunate event in 1970, the Devaswom caught fire, destroying all this mural art. For a few years the walls remained barren of this beautiful art. In 1989, the Devaswom saw the need to restore this art, and the ‘Guruwayur Devaswom Mural Painting School’ was set up. The school takes pride in protecting and continuing this art form. Every year a batch of 10 students complete their training in mural painting from the Devaswom School. The art still retains the use of vegetable dyes and mythological themes.

Kerala mural paintings are the fresco's depicting mythology and legends which are drawn on the walls of temples and churches.
In this collection, TUNI has worked with students from the Devaswom School, led by Krishna Kumar to translate this art on home decor. As in with all their collections Tuni has strived to make art and functionality meet in home!

Coffee Tables with Kerala Mural Work.

Krishna & the calf...depicted beautifully!

Another in the making!

Some more enticing piece of artwork from Tuni that adorns my home. It creates the perfect traditional setting for the festive season.

There is no better way to give your home an ethnic and festive touch than the rich textiles & art that is popular across India and Tuni is where one should head to, to achieve this look.

For any inquiries you can get in touch with them at

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