Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home tour - Prameela Nair's AbuDhabi abode part-I

Let us start the first post of the year with an amazing home tour.Today, we shall cover the lovely home of Prameela Nair based out of AbuDhabi. I came across some images of her home in a common community of which we are members of! I could gather from those few images that her home is one which belongs to decor magazines! To be precise, absolutely stunning, drool worthy and inspirational! You will soon see this for yourself! I requested her for a home tour on sajavat, and she sweetly obliged !
Be aware, this is going to be a picture heavy post and you are going to spend a lot of time on each image, am sure about that!

Prameela says,

"My home is the place that I call my “inner space” which is an extension of who we are as individuals. My husband Rahul and I have created our home with  lot of care since we both have equal passion for decor and art.  we seem to have collected many pieces from our various travels to different parts of the world. We always bring back something from our travels to remind us of the time we shared together.

My home in Abu Dhabi is truly Indian in every sense and the decor style I would like to call it as vibrant, eclectic and warm ……very much and true to the way we are as individuals. UAE is such a welcoming and beautiful country….and with so many Indians living here it is truly a home away from home. I have always wanted to retain the Indian aesthetics as it is my way of staying bonded to my place….and my roots."

There are statement pieces to the house right from the furniture which are all made from rose wood and bought from stores bought locally in the UAE. This sofa as you can see has lovely hand carvings These are made in Pakistan by a very reputed furniture store who deals in quality furniture which are unique with intrinsic work that stand apart.

If you carefully observe the above pics, you will notice multiple seating arrangements created in one room! This is such a thoughtful space and perfect for entertaining. Isn't it?

 Collecting traditional art has always been her passion. The Tanjore paintings are antique pieces which she carted with a great deal of effort from an  art collector  in Palakkad that works on restoring and maintaining old art pieces from the villages of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

"We have always bought our items with the view of owning them for life so the plan is to take these back home when we do move back to India one day. I love adding colour using silk cushions, brass artefacts and some green elements."

Lets shift our focus to some close-up shots...

Do you notice the red door frame there? I fell in love with it...

She tells me that the  red door is  done by a renowned artist called K R Santhana Krishnan .(Check out the link folks)

Prameela's plan is to buy more doors in various sizes and colours and have one wall only of different doors...That would make it a gorgeous wall Prameela!

Such a beautiful assortment of brass and bronze artifacts!

The home is a melange of colours! I love her use of embroidered cushions & textiles and the brass artifacts interspersed in the decor creates a very ethnic vibe to the space.
I have a weakness for traditional decor and I love the fact that Prameela has so beautifully created a very Indian space for herself and her family outside India!

There is more to see ofcourse! and that I have saved for another post which will cover her dining area, the murals painted on walls and other spaces.
Stay tuned in..We shall see each other soon!


arrtee said...

Totally in love with this tour question is where has she sourced antique furniture i know she has mentioned some Pakistan dealer but if she or u can share contact details highly appreciate...tya

Neil Jakson said...

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Anonymous said...

I was watching Vishaka and Muninder shows wondering how to contact them and lo! behold. I chance about your blog that is equally wonderful to look at.

Can I have Prameela Nair contact info? I loved the house.

Unknown said...

I was watching Vishaka and Muninder shows wondering how to contact them and lo! behold. I chance about your blog that is equally wonderful to look at.

Can I have Prameela Nair contact info? I loved the house.

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