Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Resolutions for the coming year

Are you the type of person who makes resolutions every year and strictly follows them or you make them to break them or the one who doesn't believe in this at all?

Well, am somewhere in between. I don't make it every year but this year I have made a promise and am genuinely going to try and implement it too!

As a decor fanatic,often we tend to hoard stuff. A visit to a mall, an exhibition, gifts and the list is endless. Think of all those trips that we take every 4-5 months, yes, travel souvenirs... we do tend to be carried away and bring home some small decor knick-knack.The process of accumulation begins and before we realize we have so many elements and so limited space. Of course, we don't have a mansion to accommodate, store or display them all and I detest to have a cluttered home.So, keeping all of the above in mind, I have just made some resolution.

1. Not everything that you like or fall in love with, should be bought home. Resist as much as possible. Most men I know are good at window-shopping. Be like Men....
Difficult, I know...but am going to give this a try!

2 Don't get bored with your old stuff. Try to give them a makeover.Well, soon you will realize that am going to give you a sneak peak of a small makeover done some time back!

3.Keep rotating your decor accessories, that way you will not find them repetitive. I have mentioned this point in many of my earlier posts too.The importance of rotation can really be not overemphasized!

This is a lamp that I love but the shade is plain.Few months back I thought of buying a new one but then there was another thought to give the old one a new look


A few hours worth effort, white paint and a south Indian pulli-kolam ( Rangoli with dots), I managed to give this a new look.


A close up shot...

How do you find this?

Let me see if am able to stick on to my resolution.Well, for all you folks, have a memorable Christmas and a Happy New year. Have great fun with your loved ones! 

Couple of posts for this year will follow soon.These posts are specially designed keeping in mind that as a decor blogger, I must also provide you with relevant information to help you make informed choices and keep you abreast with all home related products available in the market, because decor isn't only about luxury and elegance it is also about comfort and convenience!

So keep coming here for your regular dose of decor-mantra!


meg said...

Resolution is fantastic and inspiring too...

first one is really difficult but I too should try it... the added benefit I will get out of it is my hubby will be very happy! haha...

2nd one I truly enjoy doing and am passionate about... whereas the 3rd one I learnt from you... n it works very well... I used to do it mostly with my furniture but even the decorative items get a new life when placed in a new place... :)

About the shade.... it is a very neat n pretty painting sangi... white on green looking fab.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Meghana, infact your words are so inspiring!
Yes, first one a little difficult for me to follow too but as I mentioned, am definitely going to give this a try.

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