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Beautify your child’s room with a Purposeful Décor

On Children's today let us have a look at an article written by Sonam Gupta, the design Head at Tangerine.

Children, the soul and energy of every home, have their own special needs and desires. With fierce competition, it is important to provide a nurturing, comfortable and safe environment for them to develop and relax at the same time. As imperative as schools are, bed rooms play an equally important role in their intellectual and physical development. It is a space where in these young buds juggle around with their day to day thoughts, ease out, dream and foster their hobbies.

To create a calming, spacious and organized room, below are some of the ideas that not just decorates the area but also makes them kid friendly:

1.      The Cozy Soft Furnishings – The haven of every home, bed rooms, resonate comfort, leisure and a temple of tranquility. Ensuring this with an added magic of varied tints and hues, one can use animated duvets in rich, bright prints of children’s favorite cartoon character or super hero. Floral, Polka Dots, Stars, Chevron and Doodle Art prints look really adorable and dominate the kids furnishing segment of bed sheets, quilts, comforters and beddings. Cushions in various shapes and features are an added fashion accessory.

If bed furnishings are heavily printed, keep the curtains plain but brilliant in shade. Light crisp curtains with easy movement for light in the day time are a must. Decorate those using Bunting banners, danglers or tassels maybe made by your child artist. Rugs and Runners are required not just to add dimension or décor to the room but to keep children warm while they attempt their hand at varied leisure pursuits or hang around with their friends.

2.      The Safeguarded Walls – To start with, walls in children’s room must include their favorite colors. This assures them that their choices, decisions, likes and dislikes are considered while also helps them to relate to their personal space. Wall Papers and paintings depicting or encouraging children towards their interests for Travel, Photography, Arts, Technology, and Sports etc. can be cheering and chic at the same time. Be original and include your children in such activities

3.      Self designed Room Décor – There are a variety of stuff available in the market that can be used to adorn rooms. But nothing is more pleasurable than decorating rooms using one’s own creativity. Sit with your kids and hold playful, innovative craft sessions on ‘Best out of waste’, ‘Handicrafts’, ‘Creativity using Greens’ etc. that not just tickles their creative arena but deepens their thought for Art and Culture. These handmade possessions bring in a lot of positivity, self satisfaction, confidence and are an economical option which can be altered as and when one pleases. Hand crafted products can include wall hangings, photo frames, pen stands, lamps, washi tape décor, flowers, child height stickers, etc.

4.      Accessories equipped Rooms – In today’s fast paced world, it is important to incorporate things that are not just decorative but serve a purpose as well. The routine life involves a lot of products that has utility as well as look ornamental in the rooms. Fixed table lamp on study table, ceiling or swing arm lamps near bed, floral lighting around the dressing area, fancy wall clocks, PVC wall stickers with radium, stationary holders, paper and books organizers, adjustable shelves, space for storage, seating, laundry, Globe, bean bags etc. can be productively used to accessories rooms.

5.      The Mess Organization – Children have plenty of stuff like books, toys, bags, accessories, games etc. that requires space as well as easy access. To organize these, one needs to be  inventive and artistic at the same time. Bunk beds save a lot of us when combined with a workspace. For storage one can create small cubbies in corner or spare space, hang colorful, wired crates, place bamboo or rattan effect plastic baskets in a row or design wall mounted shelves to organize the clutter. Cupboards and cabinets are equally necessary to store things which are not used everyday

6.      Displaying Child’s Creation – A child’s mind is innovative and keeps brewing up new ideas every day. One can display their wards’ activities, school schedule, exams time table, handmade cards on a decorative, framed cork board. A black or a white board can also be hung in the room within a suitable height to let your child scribble and draw his imaginative world out there. This is one of the perfect platforms for children not just to share their thoughts, ideas and creativity but a way of adorning the room to reflect their passion and  innocence

A bed room should always make children happy and positive while allowing them to unwind, for a constructive development. It should be place where they can do away with their fears and build their own opinions and joyfully give wings to their dreams!

An interesting and informative read.

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