Friday, October 28, 2016

Lamps from Baaya designs for the festive ocassion

Lamps are most unique to the festival of Diwali. In my last few posts, I gave you some ideas to brighten your Diwali decor with some Do-It -Yourself lamps.Now for those of you who are looking to buy some brass lamps here is the latest from Baaya Designs.They are just the type to give you the very traditional feel.

So why wait? Here is their latest collection...

The lantern made with a rustic and antique finish which gives out a vibrant feel to your space. The word Netra inspired because the shape of the lantern depicts of a human eye.

I have always loved Moroccan lights.The base and frame of Moroccan candle lantern are dark coloured metal.  The metal has been perforated to create a stunning effect when the candle is lit inside. The lantern has a handle which can be used to hang the lantern or carry it. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use as the candle is enclosed within the lantern.

To create a serene and peaceful environment at home go for these Buddha lights. The lanterns feature intricate cutouts forming an image of Buddha. The lanterns have a unique finish that is sure to complement most any decor and they make a lovely gift.

Lotus pond t light which can be used as a decor item which showcases its beauty when lit up with a tlight. The structure of the lotus plant gives it a additional beauty for your indoor lighting decor.

Leather foldable lamp with artistic images of lord Ram. Images are created in a very colorful way so that when the lamp is lit up it gives out out a lighting which is very colorful and different from others.

A splendid collection.For more details you can always get in touch with them here.
 Baaya design studio and also through their Facebook page.

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