Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Make your Diwali aromatic with this easy rose potpourri DIY

This is the last post on Diwali series for this year.Do you remember, I spoke about how to also have an awesome smelling home during the festival season. This is a very simple DIY and you only need to have the necessary  materials in hand for the same.

One thing that is common during all our festivals are flowers.Recently last week, we had been to a rose farm .I bought an enormous quantity of red roses.Even after being used I did not have the heart to throw it away.So that's when I stumbled at making a pot-potpourri from them,that not only acts as an amazing centrepiece but also gives out a very soothing aroma.

 I tried this in my own way and yes the roses give a light, relaxing aroma , which is what you would need after a busy week of Diwali preparation and all the running about. So let's get on with it...

Initially, let the rose dry naturally and then remove all the petals.Spread it evenly on a tray and leave it as it is for a day or two!

You need to keep in mind that once it dries, the petals will shrink and therefore the quantity will reduce.

After two days ,these are the ingredients that I added to the dried petals.Most of them were available at home.

1.cinnamon powder and cloves- half a tea spoon each
2.fixative for locking the aroma about 1-2 tbsp for about a dozen roses
3.essential oils from any aromatherapy range or your favourite perfume can act as a substitute.
4.An attractive container for displaying the same

On the rose petals just sprinkle the ingredients and keep shaking the jar every 2-3 days.You can  display the potpourri in a glass jar or in sachets.Make in small batches and enjoy!

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