Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wall Display Panels

There are various ways to highlight a wall. Look at these  wall panel options from MyHomesol.

 This pattern will go well on the walls of your dining space or even in your bedroom. Can you visualize? May be just above your headboard. An interesting element to experiment  with.

Similarly, I liked this pattern.It has that quirky creativeness to it. Would love one on a wall near my desk space. I feel its a perfect choice for an artist's wall.

These are wall decor panels, made of either wood, fiber or leather. Homesol mentions these are off beat, stylish,durable and can be a welcome alternative from the regular designer paints and wall papers. They are easy to install and can be finished with any paint of your choice.

Looks like worth a try! What do you feel?

I feel that with a little creative thinking,these panels can be incorporated in the existing decor scheme.

This one will look good, if utilized to highlight a zen corner or in the bathrooms too.

Let me give you some more ideas...have a look at these pics,where they make a statement.
Leather display panels

Adds a classy touch to the room

Image courtesy: Homesol,

So the next time you are thinking of  adding a glamorous touch to your walls, go for these decorative panels...


Raj Aryan said...

Nice idea of wall panel. Thank you for sharing.
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meg said...

These are lovely... I too tried the wooden ones on my wardrobe and front door and they look pretty neat. Planning to use at one more place and some of the above are worth considering.

sahil rane said...
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