Friday, September 4, 2009

Bell collection

Festivals have all begun!Ganesh chaturthi,Onam and now everybody is gearing up for navratri.In India its a great experience,Believe me!
During all these days we decorate our home with diyas,lamps,candles,flowers,rangoli etc;
This year why not give attention to another little item that is found in almost every second house.we use it during pujas or prayers,when we offer naivediyams(prasad) to our lord.we ring it loudly with the intention that our prayers are heard and HE comes to taste our humble offerings and bless us.Iam talking of the BELLS!!

Take a look!

The humble bell in our pooja room..

Bell with enamel work..

Brass bell..

Nandi sits on this tall bell..


Look at the detailed work..

Ceramic delight..

The Angel bells..

Bells in each other's company..I simply love these!


The famous cowboy bell..

Typical door bells.. (inside)

Outside the house..

The liberty bell of Philedelphia..

Roman bell..


Patricia Torres said...

oh my.. thats some collection of bells.. Its lovely.. In particular.. I like the one with Nandi on it.. very pretty!

Shillu said...

Is this your collection? amazing! I love the crystal one and the Roman one

Sangitha said...

Thanks again!!
Shillu the crystal collection is mine.some of the bells are from my aunt's collection!!

Homekrafts said...

lovely collection...sangeetha.
i jus love the brass one...i was goin thru all your posts..
u r such a creative person..loved reading your blog..

Sangitha said...

Hey Homekraft,
Thanks for stopping by and appreciating.keep visiting.

meg said...

lovely collection.. all the artifacts r nice! i admire u for utilizing the free time so creatively!

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