Monday, September 28, 2009

Navratri & Bommai golu

I visited some homes and clicked pictures of "BOMMAI GOLU". Let me share them with you all.Before that let me give you a brief idea of how it is placed and arranged.
These bommai's or dolls are proud possessions of a family and handed down through generations.every year a new doll is added to the collection. The marrapacchi dolls,the chettiar family, idols of goddess Saraswati,Lakshmi,Shiva, parvati and their son Ganesha are the main attraction of the kolu which are arranged on the steps.These steps are kept in odd numbers 9,7,5,3,1.The last day is the vijaydashmi day on which we offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati.On this day books,musical instruments are kept and worshipped.To make it more attractive,various pulses are sown in mud in a tray or bowl.Huts,animals etc;can be used arround the plants to create a farm house,park or a cottage effect.These attract the kids also and they participate actively.Another attraction is all the sweets and savouries that are made during these nine days of pooja.chundal is my favourite made with chana,peanuts and garnished with grated coconut,kaddipatta and coriander.

Variety of dolls..

The lady of the house serving meal to her family..

The chettiar and his wife..

Such a cute little boy..

A village home..

A mini zoo(cars parked outside represent the inevitable modern day evil...

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