Friday, September 19, 2014

HOME TOUR- Aradhana Anand's lovely home

 Today, Let me take all my readers inside Aradhana Anand's Delhi home. While this Good Homes Contest was on, Aradhana wrote to me wanting to participate in the contest. Alas! it was a wee bit too late.
Nevertheless, Beautiful homes deserve a separate post. Isn't it?

Aradhana has been a freight trader for over a decade now. she has travelled places and finally last year she moved back to Delhi. She is an avid reader / blogger / baker and practices yoga.
She blogs at

To be very frank  I am not too fond of dark walls. I have always believed that light coloured walls make the room look larger and therefore enhances the overall look of the place. Also it is easier working around the area with a neutral shade.

But Aradhana you succeeded in breaking my old school of thought. Her walls, as you can note is charcoal in colour. Inspite of that, the room is a riot of colours.

The numerous frames that adorn the wall, vase alongside Buddha, the couch & the way she has layered it with cushions, the chest of drawers, floor rugs all add character and drama to the room.
I simply loved her style of decor.

Now let us hear from the lady herself about her idea of a perfect home.

She says" A home should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The style has to be reflective of the people, occupying the space and not some third person's interpreted manifestation or store bought ideas."

She uses a lot of colour,experiments with genres, textures and periods.

Also, she has participated in a contest put up by APARTMENT THERAPY. To register your votes for Aradhana please click here.


Miss Frangipani said...

Grey indeed looks gorgeous in an Indian home. I'd have never thought so - having been used to the light-is-right scheme. I love her collection of art - so eclectic and personal. Bigger images would have been lovely and helped us have a better peek at the details :)

Nayana@CDL said...

Aaradhana's home is super gorgeous, I have seen it on few other blogs very recently but one can never get tired of such gorgeous looking images. Thanks For sharing.

Arjun Singh said...

Absolutely Awesome reading this. This Sajavat blog of your is very good and your home is also. Your chest of Drawers are something which i really love through.

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