Sunday, March 24, 2013


It is important to inspire and be inspired..

There are many people out there who have great ideas.What is required is a keen eye and also a  heart to appreciate the beauty ,then ofcourse to be inspired by the idea,to create something wonderful in your own capacity.

I know all this sounds weird and out of place but lately I came across certain simple & beautiful creations that have inspired me .I have also taken the creative freedom to readopt these designs.

so here are pics of what I have been blabbering about....

On one of our road trips,we came across this massive gate.It is the gate leading to Janapada loka,a folk centre in Ramanagara district on the Bangalore-Mysore highway.

Have a closer look at the peacocks.I love the bird and the motif on the gate. Its soon going to find a place in one of my creations may be on the wall or on a terracotta pot??

Next is this painted wall inside the KAMAT LOKARUCHI Eatery area. what I loved about this was apart from the wall mural was the hanging onions and garlics.It makes the place look so rustic,yet charming!!May be one corner in my kitchen I can implement this design.

Next in line are these designs created by an artist inside the inner walls of Cauvery Art Emporium.These as borders are truly awesome and stole my heart.I had this itch to use them immediately and that I did on cushion covers as borders..But for all those of you who have a staircase running inside your home,wont it look lovely when painted on the edges of stairs,or as borders skirting a passage or on the ledge in a balcony.Tell me what you think of all these ideas..

And these are the results of my inspiration..A cushion cover with a GOND Painting in the middle and the awesome designs bordering them.


meg said...

Oh lovely.... have u painted the entire border? it's truly amazing. even the gond painting looks so authentic!

Sarika Periwal said...

Interesting inspirations. Do you also have more contemporary looking prints or works? I know contemporary stuff can be commonly found. But I am looking for that rare blend of classy traditional and modern amalgamation.

Nancy said...

beautiful products

vishwajeet patil said...

This is really appealing work by you ! thank you .

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