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Wall decor with Oasis tiles

On Sajavat's Facebook page, sometime back I had shared some wall inspirations for you. Did you get a chance to go through that? No, then do view it here

Walls are an important aspect when it comes to dressing up your home. There is no denying that fact because it is where your gaze falls as you enter a room.We can have various ways to highlight the walls in a given space

Some of them are:

1.Creating a highlight wall by using paints and textures, murals, wall papers or wall decal
2. Another much sought after way is by creating a gallery wall through your photographs, prints and souvenirs
3.Showcasing a wall with jharokas, mirrors and masks

Now, apart from these, does anything else come to mind while decorating your walls?

That is what we are going to discuss now.Something that can really lift the mood and feel of a space.
These are wall tiles,  folks! Tiles come in various sizes and forms and are an ideal way to increase the decor quotient of walls.

Let us have a look at how we can achieve the same.

Create an element of interest through  back splashes

Kitchen and rest rooms are the places for you to introduce attractive back splashes on walls and create  drama in your decor. These are spaces where one just carries out  monotonous and routine activity. Just imagine, how wonderful it would be to look forward to doing these jobs in an interesting environment.Yes, tiles can help you achieve this with ease.Waterproofing, durability, colour and appeal all met in a single Go!

The mariposa range of ceramic tiles from Oasis tiles India have designs that are modern yet classy and are the perfect answers to your decor needs.

Tiles as framed art

Have you ever thought of framing your favourite tiles. It is a brilliant idea that can lift the entire mood of a room.Still confused? Have a look here.

Again, here what one should keep in mind is to have a plain wall and try creating a feature wall by framing a patterned tile.Contrast in colour and design works well in such cases.

Now, another point to be noted is, you can either frame one large tile or go for framing many  smaller tiles and then try grouping them. This can add a dash of colour thereby highlighting the walls and the surrounding space.This is another way to bring all the attention to your walls.

Not only at homes but this is a sure winner even while doing up cafes, office spaces and design studios.Oasis tiles have an impressive range to suit these needs.  I can see some very elegant looking tiles on their website with coffee beans, mugs and other kitchen cookware related tiles for cafes and other subtle designs for other commercial spaces as well!

Patterned art on walls

Composing a wall by working with patterns is yet another way to give an element of desire and appeal. Here, what one can do is to cover only a portion of the wall with  designer tiles.

Create a vertical panel with designer tiles from Oasis Tiles India and when intermixed with neutral colour palette creates a stunning display that is no less than an artwork!

When working towards a patterned display, what you should keep in mind are the accessories, furniture and fixtures in the room. If you are bringing colour into the room through tiled wall art, better to keep the other design elements in neutral colour and vice versa, to suit the overall decor of the area.

Tiled mirrors

Now, this is a sure stealer. Am eyeing certain tiles to put up as borders for my mirror. Such tiles double up as a border and also add a touch of glamour.Place these mirrors strategically in your living room to enhance the overall appeal.

I have a large balcony where am thinking of putting up these mirrors in such a manner that they reflect the mural, I painted on the opposite wall. Don't you feel that this will be a double dose of attraction?

Well, these were some ideas from my side to pep up your wall style with an exquisite range of designer tiles available at Oasis Tiles India. Do check there range at Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Youtube


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Sayali Kamat said...

Tiles make the most impact on the look of a home.I found some really good kitchen floor tiles design on The Happy Homes Blog.

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