Friday, October 21, 2016

Diwali celebration with candles and roses.

So, we are at the third post of the series.Have you read the other two?If Not,you can do so here and here.
Long back,there used to be a serial on T.V 'Best out of waste'.Did you watch them as kids.I can still remember the anchor though I have forgotten her name.Anyway, I thought little about the program when I was young but now seriously I have become hoarder of sorts.

Had collected Pista shells in enormous quantity not knowing what is to be done with them exactly but since they did not occupy much space,they were stored away happily in a corner.This Diwali I have put them to good use.That's what I would like to think!!!

You would need only pista shells (about 50 of them) and a T light candle for this amazing lotus shaped DIY.

This one I kept in natural colour but you can always colour them and add embellishment too! For more details and step wise instruction view it here.

And another tip, to make it a floating candle.stick a circular piece of foam at the base.This way it will float in water .

So, if you don't have pista shells,this Diwali, as you munch on pistas do remember to store it and you can create a warm glow during Christmas or New year.

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meg said...

Total treat to eyes... beautiful pictures... flowers, diyas and decor...

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