Monday, March 16, 2015

Eco friendly Spaces

Eco friendly spaces... the name itself makes me feel as if a cold breeze of air has swept in, on a hot summer day.

Indradev 's Residence- Green home

There are many ways to go about creating a home that is nature friendly and that's the call of the hour now. We must take steps now so that the future generations are not deprived of natural resources.

Some of the pointers discussed below may be a little helpful in going about this way.

Also I have posted images of  homes of people who have taken the steps in the right direction to create such eco friendly and resources saving spaces. For this I have taken information from here

Reduce Reuse Recycle :

This is the foremost to be followed. First of all, buy only as much as you truly need. Then utilize it to the maximum and finally find ways of recycling the product.

This is so true in today's times when we have excess of everything. Sometimes  I really feel our kids do not value things as much, as we as  a generation used to do.

Pots and pans which are not in a condition to do cooking can enhance your decor by using it as a planter.

Make use of old fabrics to do applique . This gives a fresh life to your clothes. Old sarees can be used as curtains or runners.

Do not throw away wine bottles. use it to keep pothos. Think hard and we can have multiple uses of an item.
G V Dasarathi's home... All windows, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves are made from discarded pinewood packing cases

Handmade Products:

Anything handmade increases it's value. After all, you have put hours of love to bring out such a unique  product. If it's handmade, chances are it is bio degradable and that makes it earth compatible.

And I am not only talking about small handmade stuff but use them in the construction of your home too. Like handmade athangudi tiles or even terracotta tiles.

Kanavi Residence in Bangalore uses hand made  mud blocks 

Natural materials:

Bamboo, stone, terracotta, fibre, coir all our natural options for an  attractive decor inside or outside home

Sandhya Subbaramaiah's home uses all natural products for home decor

Rainwater harvesting:

Many apartments, builders have now woken up to the fact that water is pricey. Yes rain water harvesting is not so difficult. If not followed in your society,take initiative... It can be installed within minimum budget.

Ashok Kamath's residence uses rainwater harvesting to grow such lovely flowers

 Energy Conservation:

We have the blessings of the sun god in abundance. So why not utilize it to our benefit.Install solar panels for heating water. Solar energy can also be used for cooking. Try using only CFL'S at your place. They save more energy than we can imagine. Teach your kids the basics of energy conservation. To switch off lights and fan when not in use.

All home owners who are thinking of constructing their own houses in future, give a thought to sun lit veranda  & courtyards. Good natural lighting options minimizes the use of electricity. Also its such a cool idea to have a central courtyard that provides ample light during the daytime.

Chockalingam Muthiah's home is completely solar powered

Save water: 

In our apartment the water from cooking area, bathing area is all utilized to provide for water in the flush tank, Simply put we use recycled water for our toilets.What may seem insignificant now, is actually small steps taken for a bigger cause. Support such initiatives.

Green environment:

Segregate your wastes into dry and wet. Almost whole of Bangalore has taken up this challenge and I am truly happy.You can even make your own compost. Go organic.Go green. Grow your own veggies, herbs and fruits.

Shyamla Madhavan uses compost to grow this Tomato Plant.

Remember all big innovations have stemmed from a small idea. Keep doing your bit and the rest will fall in its place.


meg said...

Very inspiring and eye appealing post... the ideas are really doable and if we implement just one. it will be a little but remarkable step towards preserving our natural treasures.

Raj Aryan said...

I loved the solar powered home..
Really nice idea.

sahil rane said...
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