Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2nd post on Srilanka...of Handicrafts & Souvenirs

Srilanka is famous for various handicraft products and there are pockets where in you can actually experience the process of its making. One such is the Ambalangoda mask factory.

Ambalangoda is a coastal town renowned for wooden masks and puppets, one of the specialties of Srilanka. Ambalangoda houses a mask museum where in you can catch a glimpse into the tradition of arts and crafts .These masks are hand carved with intricate designs and painted in vibrant shades.

orange, yellow black...the colours make for a pretty picture

Due to time constraint we could not visit the museum but all around Srilanka you can spot these masks.Most of the images are from the Government run handicraft shop Laksala. which is another must visit for the shopper in you.

An eye catching piece 
The Govt. Emporium

Variety of masks

Next that tops my list is the variety of Bamboo and Reed products that they have on offer.When we were driving to Kandy we  had a stretch of shops selling these amazing products. Ofcourse wanted to buy so many things but had to satisfy myself with a few of them that are proudly displayed in my home. Have a peek.

A bamboo bull

My daughter...copy cat!

The little one...equally enjoying

aren't these lovely?

Lovely sight

loved the colour combo

makes for a pretty sight

Batik products comes next in the list, though I found them a bit on the expensive side. In almost all the hotels we stayed, had a good collection of these. Apart from framing options you can find them used extensively in shirts, skirts and sarong( Srilanka's most worn garment)

heart warming

A procession in progress

Srilanka as you may be aware is also popular for Ceylon Tea and spicesCinnamon being the most shopped for. A pot pourri arrangement of cinnmaon sticks giving out a light aroma was much appreciated in one of the hotels we stayed. At the same time I realized that too much of the aroma is also capable of bringing about a headache so the trick lies in controlling the same.

To be in Srilanka and not hear the famous Noritake and Dankotuwa Porcelain is impossible.

Also last in my list is the Ratnapura gem factory.Sighting a beauty can be, by no means, be harmful. Even if you are in no mood to buy, have a look. Rubies and Sapphires are well known in this region. As far as we were concerned, a gentleman, owner of  an antique shop in Gall was courteous and gave us a good history of the mining and the collection found there.

Just like the wooden masks, other wooden artifacts are also equally famous.Some more pics for eye candy. Here you go...

A fisher man

loved the age old look....

peacocks and horses...what more to ask for

I loved sharing this post with all of you. It was good to go down the memory lane and relive the days spent there. Hope you liked reading it too!.


Raj Aryan said...

That's really amazing..

Vasudha Somayaji said...

The reed baskets and the masks are so beautiful.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Raj...glad you liked the post

Sangitha Aanand said...

Vasudha, yes the baskets and masks were really vibrant. It's difficult not to get tempted.Thx for stopping by.

Kunal Sutar said...
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