Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Walls can act as a blank canvas,  ready to be painted upon and that is what has happened with me. One of the walls in our balcony has a wooden shelf, in which I have kept earthen knick-knacks. Around it, I wanted to paint. Something, perhaps that can go well with the general setting in a balcony like Plants, pots, greenery etc;

So one afternoon with hubby out of town and kids at school, I started  the painting on the wall.

First I painted, little birds in some of the boxes inside the wooden shelf. Then came the tree, its branches and some more birds.

The interpretation of the final picture is something like this. An  old tree with new branches and stems springing out of it, giving shelter to many birds.

I really enjoyed the whole process and also the outcome. I can spend the entire afternoon and evenings in my terrace-balcony. Nature has the ability to soothe and calm your senses. So true, isn't it?

Also, I would like to share with all of you, a paint job that I have done on an old cabinet. This cabinet has been with us for more than 5 years now. Right from day 1,that it came to our home I intended to paint on it.

Earlier had thought of doing up Warli figures on it. Somehow by the time I actually came to doing it, lost interest on Warli.

Finally have painted tribal, folk motifs on it. And the interesting part is I took inspiration of the motifs from normal, regular stuff used at home like the elephants had been embroidered on one of my tapestry, the flower motif on the lowest drawer was weaved in my kancheepuram saree.

How has it shaped up? After these two projects I really want to focus on something other than painting..

Tried my hands at Quillling too. Thanks to my daughter who had a jewellery making kit and that's how it started and progressed to  making frames.Will share it with you all soon.

 Paper crafts is also something else that my hands are itching to do...So much to do and so little time...

 See you all soon..


Shital said...

hi Sangitha..
I had been following SAJAVAT for quite some time..
I like your decors as they are simple yet awesome!
I had also painted in my living room and bedrooms..thot of sharing with you..please see my work below

Do let me know how u like it?

Sangitha said...

Hi sheetal,
Glad you liked my work.
Trees,plants and nature in general are good themes to paint and highlight an area.
They seldom go wrong.

HomeImprovementQuote said...

Great post. Any updates coming soon?

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