Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 The Indian fashion icon Manish Arora's  Paris home is on the PORTICO site.

Some things like the caravane rug on the floor is an  interesting element added to the decor but usage of bold colours in the home is not my style though..The kitchen is designed subtly and the glass partition in various bold colours gives an overall balanced look .

The rest is for you to check out..
HOME can mean differently to different people..To me,it is..COMFORT WITH ELEGANCE.
Take me to your home.I'll love to be there..


Monnaie said...

Such a beautiful home interior designing and decoration! so lovable!

Mamta Bajaj said...

Really beautiful and innovative idea used while designing the room.
Use of neon colors make this room more stunning and spectacular.
Mamta Bajaj
Interior Designer

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