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Drape your windows in style with Custom Furnish- Moulds & Motifs

Curtains are needed to dress our windows.When designing and decorating our homes, selection of curtains is an important task as curtains are seen not only as an element of decor but also a necessity. They are required to block excessive light and to induce privacy.

It is also a good idea to change your curtains every few years... you will notice a sea of change in the decor of your home merely by changing the style and fabric of your curtains. So when I received a mail from  one of a kind online curtain store, I was very excited to give a new look to my home. At the same time, I was a little apprehensive too, since I have never ordered a curtain online.
I had so many questions in my mind regarding the fabric,the stitch and the style. But I was not disappointed. In fact, after going ahead with this online mode of selecting the curtain, I have saved my time and energy which would have otherwise been spent, if I had to actually visit a store to purchase.

Custom Furnish Moulds & Motifs is the one of a kind customized curtain store, that I am talking about.The process of ordering the curtains is easy and interesting too.

The site is efficiently designed and it is a step wise procedure and there is no room to go wrong.
The various points in selecting the curtains are as follows.

1. Select the curtain style
2. select Fabric

a. Order sample
b. order curtain dimension
4. select lining type
5. select hardware (optional)

Everybody may not be an expert in visualizing or imagining the look after changing your curtains. That's particularly where I liked the concept of Moulds and Motifs. The site is designed such that after each step of your selection you can notice the  effect it brings about.


Such a wide range of selecting the style. The eyelet, flat panel,Ripple fold and classic tab are the commonly seen styles but the inverted pleat and pinch pleat can actually give you a very formal look.I think they can be ideal styles even for a office or a home office.

Here I chose the eyelet style for one pair of curtains and for the other pair I went for the classic tab option.


Now let's come to the main part. Let me inform you they have a wide range to choose from.You can even sort by colour, material and pattern.
There is one great facility that they offer here. You can go for ordering 15 samples of fabric of your choice. The samples are delivered at your doorstep. So now here the confusion of selecting the appropriate curtain for your windows & doors end. You can feel the fabric, note the exact colour and print & then make an informed decision. After you choose the fabric you can return the samples through their pick up agent and then place an order to buy.

It's so convenient to choose the material since all the information is clearly mentioned. Another interesting aspect is that you get a fair idea of the price one has to pay. As you proceed to each step and make selection the price accordingly varies.

Here are the samples that I ordered. I must mention that the samples were neatly labelled and you have a measuring tape and certain notes that are provided in the kit to make your selection easier &  gives you the instructions to measure the dimensions rightly.
Providing swatches is a great idea because all your doubts about the material and its feel is eliminated.


This step is an important one where in you have to mention the dimensions you would need. Do not panic...They have provided various guides and by following it,you can easily determine the measurements.

A detailed description of measuring when the curtain rod is mounted as well as when it is not mounted is provided.If you follow their instruction, there is little scope of making a mistake. Also according to the dimension of the windows and doors that you provide, the site gives you a suggestion of how many pieces of curtains would make your door or window look classy and stylish.

Notice the price factor changes and towards the next step you can actually see the true representation of the curtain you have chosen in your mentioned style and dimensions.

In this step, if you need a sheer, you can go for that too.


Whether you wish to not have a lining or a lining in polyster or black out interlining is your choice. For the dimension, you mentioned, the price is calculated again. Guidelines to select the proper lining is also given.


This is the final step in your selection.For those of you, who would want a curtain rod too, this is an additional facility on offer. I felt they have a good variety in the hardware for rods and rings. Again the finish,price, material all are mentioned.


After finalizing on all aspects, you can proceed to the shopping cart. Here all the inputs are mentioned and the final look of the chosen fabric is displayed. Wasn't that an easy buy. That too at the comfort of your home?

Now , here are the window curtains that I chose for my home.

I specially liked the black & grey floral one. It  is a rightful combination of classy fabric and print and helps in blocking the excessive sunlight that enters the room. The teal coloured curtain helps lift the monotony of brown woodwork in the room and brings colour to the entire decor.
The curtains are neatly stitched and has a good fall.

My Experience: I had a wonderful experience, selecting curtains for my home from Custom Furnish.At the same time, I would like to make a small suggestion to include fabric blinds too. They are quite popular these days and would be a good idea to include them in the currently available style.
I would definitely recommend my readers to purchase curtains from them.


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