Saturday, November 1, 2014

Online review-

Engrave is an India based design house creating unique lifestyle products. They specialize in bringing your memories to life.
This festive season I wanted to gift my loved ones something different, personal and a gift that they will treasure for a lifetime. My search led me to Engrave.(click here for more info) 

 I would like to review Engrave for you, my dear blog readers.

I have judged the site based on the following criteria.

Product Range
Product Customization  
Site Design & Navigation
Payment & Delivery

Product Range: Engrave has a wide variety to choose, right from Plaques, Canvas, nameplates,decals etc that can be customized accordingly.

They have some other equally attractive miscellaneous items too, like key chains, wire art,kitchenware, lamps, clocks,ceramics and pottery 

Here I chose two items. 1. A plaque for  my kids
                                       2.  Nameplate for my parents.

Product Customization: Once you choose the medium, the customization is the fun part.
I had an image of my kids which I wanted to be engraved on the plaque. Here one has multiple options to stylize the product.You can choose borders, the layout, size and the text to be included.

 I provided the image. Engrave neatly edited it and included the caption, ' My kids, my world '

Here is the image of the simple, yet elegantly engraved nameplate.

Site design & Navigation: With absolute ease you can navigate through the site, choose the product to be personalized. Product description is also available. You can also choose to have a preview of your purchase via email.

Payment & Delivery: There are no payment hassles. Delivery takes maximum, a week. I received my parcel within three working days.

And this is how it arrived. Nice packaging, I must say.Yes! memories are etched forever.

The most attractive feature of making a purchase from Engrave is its customization. In today's world of mass production, a personalized gift always stands out.

My experience with Engrave was a happy one. Hope you too, have a similar, satisfying  purchase.

A word of caution: Before making any online purchase, do make it a point to read their terms and condition. And do let me know of your experience too!


meg said...

wow impressive gifts i must say...

loved the idea!

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Meghana!

simbus said...

Hi Sangitha.
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