Thursday, October 19, 2017

Deepams from Sapna's home

Lights,lamps diyas, flowers, colours, rangoli, brass, silver, glitter and sparkles are all that creates the festive ambiance on Diwali nite. Today, we are about to visit Sapna's abode and have a look at her Diwali vignettes.. Come, join me on a virtual tour to her place!

Lights that illuminate all corners ...

love the shadow play

The conch lamp is an unique one..different arrangements but it brings life to each one!

At the entrance...

Cute little stuffed elephants that carry  lights on their head.The market these days are flooded with all kinds of lights but the ones that appeals to us, at the first glance comes home. Isn't it?

These were some corners of Sapna's home.How are you bringing that festive cheer into your homes? Any special tips that you would like to share, write to me dear people!Would love to hear from you. Meanwhile do check out my pinterest board and instagram account for all updates and news from sajavat.

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