Friday, August 18, 2017

Styling with Bougainvilleas

As we pass expressways and highways 
these purple, pinks, yellows and whites,
that form a fence, a boundary or a canopy
So enchanting, not fragrant 
yet, dainty and so pretty!

A no-fuss plant
with some thorns 
but those delicate, vibrant flowers that makes you want!!

 Colours such, that brighten the space 
and lights up a face,
are none other than those of the  Bougainvillea !!!

Earlier, I was not much impressed with Bougainvilleas since they always used to flower on the neighbours side of the fence but slowly my fondness grew. and now as we take road trips, this plant is found on almost all state and national highways and they are such a marvelous sight to see!!! (They even made me attempt a poem on them. Pathetic though it may be!)

I got some branches home, last trip and used them to style various nooks and spaces of my home. Sharing these with all you dear readers.
Let me know how you find this post and if you are a plant lover like me get  these sturdy plant home! They are very easy to maintain just two things worth remembering are

1. Water them only when dry
2. Prune them periodically

So lets start...Enjoy the images

On the shelves...

pleasant sight in the restrooms for sure!

With my ceramic jars in the kitchen

Workspace calls for such pretty diversions all the time! what say?

withered away flowers collected in a bowl

 as a centrepiece on the table

They can be easily merged with all assortments, typically anywhere !

Bringing life to my living room!
If you were impressed with this post and want to style your space with them, here is another tip from me. The bougainvillea flowers when  left to dry on its own become paper like and doesn't lose colour for a long time.They are ideal and can be placed in an uruli or a bowl instead of fresh flowers!

Did you notice the ceramic jar with the bougainvillea is the same in all images.Only the locations changed.The bougainvillea still manages to create its own mojo and breathes life to all the corners that were styled with them.

This only reinforces my belief that one doesn't need expensive elements to style their home. A little thought, love and care does it all!


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