Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mirrors as show stoppers

How often, we go over board while sprucing up our homes with various decor accessories but sometimes the most simplest accessory can do wonders in creating an everlasting impression and as such I found our humble mirrors adorning many a homes with panache and grace like none other! And you cannot deny their utilitarian value too!

 A niche styled with mirrors creates an inspiring decor. Stumbled across so many such vignettes & well designed, highlighted spaces that comes alive with mirrors incorporated in their decor scheme. 
I have mirrors in my home purely for its practical needs.These images are my inspiration and soon I intend to create one for myself as well!

Come on, join me in this visual delight of decorating with mirrors!

Some of these homes have been much talked about for their impeccable style of decorating. The next one has been photographed by Tushar Rao and has been on the 'An Indian summer' blog
This huge mirror covered wall has all my heart.The colour and the size lends an overall unique appeal  to the room!
Ideal brass elements to go with the golden rimmed mirror and the mustard wall makes a class statement! What say?
Equally good is this rustic textured one!
Sruthi singh of 'The east coast desi' blog featured Kanthi Prasad's  Bengaluru home and this mirrored beauty with drawers is an ideal vignette with or without the other stuff placed on them !
Sanskriti Lifestyle in Pune has all these drool worthy products.Grouping mirrors together is eye catchy and makes for an impressive decor.
This is our very own Preethi Prabhu's home of ‎ IndyaKaleidoscope.
And while I do admire the above pic, there is another from Preethi's studio which has been in my wishlist since long!These are kutchi leather framed mirrors against the black wall. Every time I look at them I marvel at her ingenuity
Again this vignette from Sia Krishna of the blog Monsoon Spice has me completely hooked and convinces me further to use mirrors in my decor scheme. An unusual shape! Wonder where she got it from?
A tiny winy wood framed mirror styled in Shivani Dogra's project.An ensemble of various knicks knacks along with the muse of our post completes the look !
Are you inspired to try out something similar or perhaps give wings to your ideas and create another stunning decor with mirrors for us to gasp and rave about?
Meanwhile, all this inspiration forced me to assimilate a DIYed Mirror on my side table for the time being. Until I find interesting mirrors I will have to do with this.

Are you scrolling back and forth and trying to take in all the beauty? Carry on, for am doing the same!

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Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos… Love the simplicity and elegance of the rooms.

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