Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ganesha at my home-enjoying Flatlay aesthetic

 Hello there,have you all started the preparation for welcoming Ganesha in your abode? Its such a special and awaited event. Kids and adults enjoy the festival alike.Now, am not sure whether its for the yummy modak or because he is always believed to be kids-friendly!

Today I experimented with some Flatlay photography...Yes yes, the one that has caught Instagrammers in a wild frenzy:)

Although am not on Instagram,I wanted to give this aesthetic of photography a try.So here you go...I read about some basic rules of the same and here it is.

Choose a theme

Can the theme be anything better and bigger than Ganesha? So the theme that we have chosen is Ganpati and home styling

Focus on the subject

Ganesha within a bamboo frame

To ensure that the subject is given due importance the flatlay should not be cluttered.Enough space has to be maintained between each object in the flatlay

Have natural light

Nothing to replace natural light while taking a picture.So ensure thst there is enough natural light in the room.

Colour palette

Ganesha in dancing with me :)  ???

It is better to have one colour palette and a basic background.

Use props

Ganesha loves nature!

Make the frame look attractive by adding props to the Flatlay that complements the subject.

These are some images of Ganesha around home today...Hope you liked my tips on Flatlay. Have a joyful celebration at home with family and friends.See you all soon.

1 comment:

meg said...

Looks like an interesting photo technique... will try my hands at it... never know this technique might help me click better photos than usual!

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