Monday, August 8, 2016

Transform your sarees-Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Yesterday was ‪#‎NationalHandloomday‬ as we all know. Saree is my personal favourite. It can never go wrong on anybody, let me assure you that.Whenever I get a chance I drape a saree.
Equally favourite is the concept of 3R' s. ‪#‎Reduce‬ ‪#‎Reuse‬ ‪#‎Recycle‬ or‪#‎Upcycle‬
Now, are you wondering what I am getting into.Being a decor blogger I was thinking of ways to use our sarees in more ways than one! The sarees of our mothe'rs and grandmother's, that feels so warm when felt, even after ages of being put into regular use... our wedding saree that sometimes are so heavy and loaded with intricate work that somehow do not even see the light of the day...All these have a better chance of being noticed, if we use them wisely! So have a look into various ideas that can transform the gorgeous six and nine yards into decor accessories.
Have you tried any other way to put them to good use? Let me know peeps!
(Disclaimer: The first three are pinterest images.The rest two are mine)

Benarasi I guess...Brings about the festive spirit when used as a curtain
Framed and cushioned!

Frame the sarees and the lovely memories associated with them!
Turning them into cushion covers is another fab idea

Our very own south cotton sarees into blinds.Simply loved the colour combo of orange and red with the wooden frames on the windows.

 This is part of my mother in law's wedding trousseau.I have converted it into a runner for my dining table.

This is my mother's saree from which she made me a lovely potli ! A perfect accompaniment to the saree-draped Me!


Vasudha Somayaji said...

It's nice to see few sarees converted to runners, potli, cushion covers. In a way we that sentiment remains with us. Have a nice day and cheers.


meg said...

Lovely.... it's one of my favourite hobbies too... will share my transformed treasures too..

Sangitha Aanand said...

Exactly Vasudha...Glad you like it!

@ Meghana,Yes looking forward to see your treasure.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.. very cool and attractive idea that's really help to decorate the home.

Chetan Yadav said...

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Kate said...

I bought an old sareez on ebay and used it to make valances for my bedroom windows. I love recycled projects from sarees!

ethnic wears said...

Thanks for the info!

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