Friday, July 15, 2016

Vessels for everyday cooking!

My grand-mother-in-law once told me that half the battle in the kitchen is won if you have the proper utensils( not that the kitchen is a battle ground!) but often I realize the truth in the so - casually made statement.

The ladle -the one with holes in it, my mother had one in which she used to fry 'boondi laadoo'

When we cook for a family of four which is often in my case, you get  hold of the quantity of item that will suffice for the small family but what happens when there are guests.How are we supposed to measure? Again the size of the vessel plays a huge role.Take the vessel that you think should be sufficient and yes this tip will ensure that your dish is not less for your guests !

Serve-ware-so fascinating!

Such enamel ware were a craze in the 90's

Another useful and mindful tip is that one must enjoy whole heartedly the process of cooking.And for this if you use vessels that appeal to you and looks interesting, you will make yummy food!Believe me it works.

Oh! those ladles,fork and spoons!

And last but the least if you are one like me who loves everything vintage,antique,passed-on, rustic( call it by any name) you are sure to create magic in the kitchen just like your grand-ma did! Cook meal in those utensils from the past, associating yourself with the memories of an era gone by and be ready to accept appreciation graciously, for the food you served your guests.

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meg said...

Such lovely photos... yes agree completely that if u love ur ware... u'll cook fantastic food...
Also d antiques n passed on utensils have a special place in ur kitchen as well as ur heart... am experiecing it totally now...

Sangitha Aanand said...

So nice Meghana. Cheers to the art of cooking and tasty food!

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