Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Creating a fun landscape for your greens

Since the summers are here,all I do is spend a lot of my morning time in my small terrace.Amidst the greens, caring for your plants is simply therapeutic, however menial the tasks be. Simply watering and pruning your plants also have the same effect!

An idea struck me some time ago to create a small landscape in a closed container.Some of my succulents had overgrown and the time to replant had come. I had an old chocolate hamper basket which I also wanted to put to good use.

And so the fun started.Since it was succulents that I was planting, one should have the correct potting mix or soil. Choose the plants you would want to add to your 'landscaped garden' and get ready.

Sand or small stones are first lined so as to provide for adequate drainage.Then I added the soil ,planting the various succulents with some gaps ,so that as they grow they make space for themselves and the other adjacent plants.

Lay them with a specific design in mind.Keep some decorative like stones and mini sculptors handy to create a landscaped look. You can even paint stones on your own.That gives it more personal touch. Ahh! now you have your pretty mini-landscape garden ready.You can add your ideas and beautify it as you wish!

The same idea can be implemented for as much a bigger area as you please.Go ahead and get your hands dirty!


meg said...

Oh I simply loved it... a must-try my-hands-on activity...
U can paint the woven strips of cane of the basket ... to give it a more finished look.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Meghana,

Really a very therapeutic experience to get your hands dirty and be one with nature.The strips were painted dark violet.Over a period of time due to sunlight and watering it lost its colour...Should paint it again I guess!

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