Wednesday, March 30, 2016


 Summers can be harsh but what you need to make them bearable are pretty small decorations or vignette at home to make you cheerful. Presenting some vignettes from around my home that have bought a smile on my face!

Small subtle changes in decor to suit the season always re-energizes me. How I love these mood lifters...I have compiled for you, some flora & fauna arrangements, clicked on various occasions!

Birds of a feather flock together!
Isn't he dressed to kill?
All eyes on the dragonfly!
Mighty yet beautiful!
I heart the pair of cows!
How do you find my arrangements? Stay tuned folks.Coming up soon with a DIY. It's a perfect one for the summer. I am sure you are going to simply love this one.Till then take care.Stay hydrated, stay fresh.


meg said...

Cute and charming pots and plants and decoratives... it was fun to look at them.

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Anonymous said...

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