Thursday, February 11, 2016

The art of pottery making.(Part I)

 Pottery is an age old art practiced in India.Well, who hasn't seen the potter's wheel?Almost every Indian village, you will find one! Indus valley civilization and the remnants discovered from the archaeological sites of Harappa and Mohen Jo Daro speak of its existence from time immemorial.

I am forever fascinated by those deft hands churning out such precious pieces.From earthen lamps and diyas to pots & pitchers to store water, pottery is ubiquitous.In Bangalore,there is a little town dedicated to these skillful artisans.Pottery town in Bangalore has once seen better days, though there are only a handful of them now.

One such place in Mumbai is Kumbharwada, 'kumbhar' meaning the potters...Let me take you through a photo-journey.


Rows and rows of earthen beauty! A look into the faces behind these...

These images put me into an introspective mode.These hands are blessed.Their art is so soulful.Don't you feel they deserve more than this. My humble request to all of you.Source your products directly from them.Let us try to build a better world for our artisans.

Photo Credit: Pooja Subramanian

Pooja is a finance professional in a multinational company.This does not deter her from following her passion of photography.

In her words," I believe that everything/everyone in the universe is constantly conversing with one another,which is what I strive to capture.Capturing expressions, capturing emotions and the "messages" that we are constantly giving away!"
 You may also contact her at

We will take a deeper look into this art form in our next post. So do watch out for the next one.


meg said...

very nice.... yes rightly said... we must buy from them directly.. i do that... but now will do consciously!

Sujatha said...

Lovely photographs and a good thought too Sangitha. I relocated to Mumbai just over a year ago. Didn't know about Kumbharwada. Now I will find it and buy direct from them..

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