Sunday, December 13, 2015

Open New doors.

As one door closes, there is another waiting to be opened...

Doors reveal a lot about the personality of one who is indoors! While we were in Kerala,clicked some snapshots of doors.I have always been fascinated by doors.The ones that you find in typical Goa or Portuguese cities.The ones that are so colourful,you would want to knock and peep inside to find a riot of colours inside too!

Kerala doors were different.They reflected intricate carving on wood, brass ornamentation & beautiful metal worked doors.Enjoy the post and the last few remaining days of 2015.

Rustic...The worn out door reminds us of so many seasons it would have welcomed!

Loved the granite colour ...It is a complete Kerala door with the traditional brass features

The rawness adds to its appeal

The metal door stands guards to a museum full of treasures

The brass  ornate lock called manichitrathazu steals the show

This was just too good! The vertical central pattern carving along with circular brass ornamentation brings life to an otherwise ordinary door

Similar  but another pattern

Would love to have an entry like this

Masterpiece again!

Simple yet stunning!
Welcome your door to 2016!


George Thomas said...
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meg said...

lovely... such intricate and old time treasures these doors are...

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