Thursday, October 15, 2015

'Bommai golu' & Navraatri celebration!

                                       A  very happy Navraatri & Dusshera to all readers of sajavat.

In south India, many house holds have a display of dolls collected over the years.This is also the time when Goddess Durga (One who denotes power or shakti) , Maa Lakshmi( the giver of wealth) and Goddess Saraswati ( Goddess of Knowledge & learning) are worshiped. Cheers to women power! Isn't it?
 We have different ways of celebrating the same festival all over India.This is the time to realize the presence of women in our lives and respect them, if not worship.

                                                   (Bommai golu from archives of sajavat)

Enjoy the festival dear readers and tell me how you celebrated the festival! Looking forward to hear from you.
 Stay tuned for an upcoming  artist feature.She is just like you and me but her work speaks for herself. Roshni Puthukudy is on the path to become a successful entrepreneur.Watch out this space for more.

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