Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Styling with books

Courtesy: Pinterest

This post is for all the book lovers out there...Books have the capacity to transport us to a different era altogether. I simply love the smell of old books and I take great pride in saying that some of the books that, I enjoyed reading as a child has today been passed on to my children. I know this feeling only a book lover can understand.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Every book you have read is just a  different combination of 26 letters. 

So true yet...

That's the thing about books, they let you travel to faraway lands without moving your feet.

when we moved to our current home, I was sure, I needed a separate corner or shelf to hold my collection and not only in my bedroom but also in the kids room as they too are turning out to be like their 'momma' - A book lover!

With the sun light during the day...an ideal time to spend in the company of books!

Books, magazines, knick knacks and art supplies

This is my book arrangement. A dedicated wardrobe for them with glass doors, just near my work space and close to the bed.So that every night before I drift into sleep, I get to read at least a page or two. what with innumerable magazines of travel and decor that I have subscribed, space management requires skill, patience and time.

For the time being, this space is sufficient. 

Also takes care of all my art & craft supplies.

You can arrange your books in various manner but be sure that you arrange it such that you are able to spot the one you are looking for immediately.

Some tips for arranging the books.

1. Sort them either by subjects, colour or author.

Magazines can be stacked separately. 

2. Group them together. May be say as  fiction or Non-fiction.

3. Keep certain essentials like bookmarks, pens, pencils in your book shelves. You never know when you would want to jot down an interesting quote or mark a page.

4. Art lovers can also keep their supplies in these shelves.There are many of those book inspired art, when we would want to try our hands immediately on a craft or art after reading about it in a book. That instant satisfaction is something you have to experience to feel it!

5. Last but not the least keep your book area clean  and tidy. You can place certain decor elements to make it look interesting and eye catchy.

 Here are some  more book arrangements that I found on Pinterest that looks awesome. 

I loved the blue decor!

Kitchen or reading nook?
This corner, I guess is for those who love to cook up a story...(smiles)

 If you can create a reading corner near your books, nothing like it. Books can be your best companions. So enjoy reading!



Vasudha Somayaji said...

Books are always best companions on all times. Loved all corners.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Vasudha.

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