Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Safal Chitre - A talented Warli Artist

Warli art originated in rural Maharashtra.It was practiced widely by the tribals of the region to decorate their mud houses. In fact this art gave them the freedom to express themselves.

I have written about this form of art in many of my earlier posts.Some of them you can read herehere and here.

Today's post is dedicated to  a talented artist Safal Chitre,  currently residing in the United States of America. she is a self motivated artist.The simplicity yet the elegance of this form of art impressed her. She learnt Warli and since last 4 years has started her artistic journey in this field.

She says," Apart from traditional warli style, I am trying to give modern look to it  by adding colors on various mediums. Having started as a hobby , I want to take it to Professional level."

Let's have a glance at some of her work...

A Busy Day in Warli Village

warli coasters

A palkhi in procession

warli wall art

The perfect gift for mothers!... warli spatulas

Links where readers can see  more of her artwork and contact her :


Raj Aryan said...

Really Loved the art. Thanks for sharing.

Kunal Sutar said...

Hi, thanks for this post. It is exactly what i was looking for. Look forward to reading more .

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