Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brass on my mind today...

There are days when I want to just take it easy. Eating & sleeping..I know you are smiling... who doesn't want to spend an afternoon this way. But yesterday, I spent my afternoon in Brass love! Yes, you read it right..not only arranging  and admiring brass ware but  polishing  and then changing its location from its recent place.

I enjoyed my time truly. As you polish the piece, it losses the dullness and radiates that shine ,the glow that comes on the surface makes the arrangement come alive.

This Peacock thaal is from my mother's collection. I am in love with this piece, the way the peacock has curled himself, I can see a look of pride on his face & that makes me proud to own it too.

I think am sort of crazy for brass and bronze, since every time that am in a shop of antique, I look forward to own  a unique piece.

Some manjaari kuru to give company to Lord Ganesha. Notice the shine on these seeds. A bright red..awesome colour, I feel.

The fishes and the peacock on the either side belong to the artwork of the bastar tribe.

This  brass pot is a recent gift from my lovely sis S. I, so much liked the two peacocks on either sides of the stand.

Also the Shivling and Nandi. on the neck and the lotus engraved on the body.So very traditional isn't it?

This is another piece I heart. But I guess it may be difficult to own. Simply because it belongs to the royal patronage. Maybe, some replica some where and if I can find one, I will be  so so happy.

This is a lamp at the base, held by the horse and a chain which is attached at the ceiling. This lamp finds its pride at the Padmanabhapuram Palace.

Another post on more brass and my love for this metal will follow soon, as another long desired piece has found its way to my home..but I will reserve that for another day.

What comes immediately next is a sure shot way to give your walls an instant makeover. So keep visiting ...I will be back next week with another interesting post.


HBFAt Home said...

Very great collection

Shrey Bhandare said...

too good....keep posting....!!!

meg said...

Collection too good,... n your description three good... :) an afternoon really spent well... very nice!!

wish ur brass n bronze collection gets bigger n bigger!!!

Brandi Bradley said...

I know exactly what you mean about polishing your brass items. It's almost like slipping into a meditative state. Your cloth rubs the brass and little by little it starts to glow. When you're done you have a beautiful brass piece. I have to say, you have a wonderful brass collection. Brass pieces are meant to be put in places where people can see and admire and I love that you're posting yours online.

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals

aarsunwoods said...
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