Monday, June 11, 2012


Yes in Bangalore now. Moving places can really take a toll on you physically as well as emotionally says patty from coloursdekor and I have to truly agree with her. After all the hassles of shifting, we thought, before we finally begin a new life here, lets take a break.
So we drove to AVANTHY ESTATES near Chikmagalur. An intresting fact about Chickmagalur,The name means 'village of a little girl'. To me it sounds very romantic.

The estate is full of coffee plantations.I can still smell the aroma of coffee. hmm.. It was a modest cottage amidst good flora and fauna and had a very earthy feel to it. what intrested me most was the entire space was decorated with knicknacks. Near the cottage a beautiful river flowed and we made the most of it!!
now let the pics do the talking.

The cottage and its enterance

Our room

We sipped our early morning tea/coffee here

Intresting mirrors

Masks in various sizes and shapes adored many walls

Beautiful pot near the basin to pull out napkins!!

Lovely niches

This actually took my heart away- old yet beautiful

Enjoyed this trip and looking forward to many more.
In and around Bangalore, hopefully there will be more of such trips and those posts will follow soon.
So give me company friends. Together we will make lovely memories!


Mira said...

wow! the photos have come out well which shows how refreshing the trip is for you.

the cottage & ambience are too good. HOmely environment unlike the usual resorts. The wooden decor pieces & furnitures are very nice.

Hope you had settled in the new home. Best wishes.

Mira said...

Invite you to my hobby lounge.

Mira’s Talent Gallery

meg said...

a real surprise to me and i must say the trip was a creative treat to
you in true sense!

the pictures are soaked in perfect earthy,eco-friendly, cozy feel.

loved all the artifacts.. but interestingly shaped mirrors and masks are d best of all.

appreciate ur creative nazar that catches beautiful elements from the
surrounding so ingeniously!

Salwarr. com said...
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