Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Warli again!

Yet another one on warli! Are you bored of so many posts on Warli?

We have a small group of fun loving girls gang and the team is called Sakhi Sanskriti.We meet once or twice a month,have fun,play games,enjoy the weather, snacking is ofcourse a part of all this and above all we celebrate each other's birthday!!

You all must be thinking why am I sharing all this with my blogger friends?
Here comes the Warli part.On each birthday we gift a warli card to the birthday girlies. Have a look!

The cards have warli design on them and while making these I have struck to a theme of one tree and two women on them.

 So here are two lovely ladies chit chatting and having a wonderful time among these trees.Trees and ladies have many a thing in common. Both are pillars of strength.one for the environment and the other in a society. Ever imagined a home without the mother? She is the lady of the house. Just like a women, a tree is also a mother.

Please save trees and respect women!!

enjoy the warli cards!


Patricia Torres said...

I like the snacking part!!! The warli cards are very cute!!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Sangitha, this is a great way to keep our dying traditions breathing!

Lovely work, and no I never tire of Warli:)

meg said...

All of them look so pretty! n r soon to adorn many households!

Deepi's World said...

First time on your blog...I admire Warli painting a lot...like the way you made these warli cards...I have a question did you make these drawing on paper or cloth?

jasmine said...

I am not at all artistic but when I accidentally came across your site, I was so inspired that I took a paper and started drawing the warli designs, keep up all the good work and thank you very much for inspiring. Is this cards done on paper or cloth and where can we find these types of material. Thank you

arogya.com said...

thanks Sangeeta ,making these cards in the 9th month of your pregnancy is really a great job!I am one of the card holders!and your card is just rightly placed in our showcase!

Sangitha said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.The cards are made on handmade paper with fabric paint.
keep visiting!

Sangitha said...

Hey Kirti,
Thanks a lot dear for appreciating my humble effort.It was a great way to relax and also a pleasure to make it for friends like you.

Shaila Naik said...

Dear Sangita,
The justification for choice of theme (One tree and Women) is one of the simplest and most effective messages I have ever seen or read. Compliments on such wonderful thoughts and the variation in Warli painting tried by you.
I thank my lovey... Nirja Desai for sending me the link of your blog. Its a pleasure to see and read..

DazzleDiva said...

Hi I just loved those warli painting cards.. Where can I get those? I am interested in the knicknacks of home decor. Thanks for the information

Penny Auction Software said...

Nice Sharing!
I am really glad to found such interesting post in which you shared nice pics which is really good read to me.


MindfulMeanderer said...

Hi Sangitha,
I run a artsy-craftsy challenge every month and June's theme is teaching folk art to kids. Why don't you link in your warli (3 posts) in the linky? I'd love to have you on board.

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