Thursday, February 5, 2009

Signs of Prosperity

A tree is like a mother,holding her children in her bosom.
Maybe it's this idea that fascinates an artist.
One day I suddenly realized that my collection is slowly increasing.Unknowingly I have accumulated many such 'mommies' under my roof,each one of them being different from the other.

This one is a stain glass painting occupying the centre point of my display shelf.When we were designing this unit,myself and my hubby instantly agreed upon this tree design.It faces the entrance and hence welcomes one and all in its abode.

Madhubani is a town in Bihar and is the origin of this beautiful art form, also known as the mithila art.Like in other folklore, here too there is an element of myth and have various tales revolving around them.
Trees symbolize fertility and life.

This is a handmade,embroidered piece.My sister S gifted to me on my Birthday.I Really find all the shades very interesting as it truly depicts the stages in one's life.

For all those who have visited my site before,are familiar with the Chennapatna Bulls and their love for this tree!!


Rekha said...

Nice post, true...trees have their own way of telling a story each time you see them.

Pea said...

You have beautiful collection.. Love the colourful Madhubani tree !

Sangitha said...

Rekha,Pea Thank u dear.

vidya in vidya sanjay! said...

Hi Sangitha,

Loved the post about the "Tree" very beautiful pictures too..also love the picture used on the home page.. very sunny very warm just like your lovely home

Sangitha said...

Vidya,thanks very much.
Also looking forward to spending some time in ur new home soon.

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