Saturday, July 1, 2017

Basket chronicles

A little while ago, I had posted a corner of my living room, decorating with baskets as planters on Sajavat's Facebook page, Instagram and other decor groups  aaannd it was hugely appreciated!

Here are these lovely baskets, used as planters, one from our very own Assam and the other from world market which mentions it to be from Indonesia...

It was then that I noticed that many parts of my home are adorned with such baskets and yes they make a great style statement! These are little, colourful, woven treasures which if used thoughtfully can make  lasting impressions. So here am with a post on baskets and how one can put them into good use in cosy nooks and corners of our home.

This one is from Assam and as you can see I have converted it into a spice box. I love how the blue -beige weaves merge beautifully with the greens in the kitchen.
I have always emphasized on getting  the right souvenir from travels. Whenever you buy anything, just think how you can incorporate it in your decor/ home.
That way the memory of the trip taken, always stays with you.

I fell in love with this beige coloured basket. It has a very unusual shape and I knew I had to get this back home. It is a little treasure from Srilanka. It has taken upon the duty to store my onions and potatoes.Yes, yes you are hearing it right...Something as ordinary as these veggies but it sits right on my kitchen table top along with the spice basket and makes for an interesting conversation starter.

The next one is pretty old but has a fine conical shape and that attracted me to it.I had no idea how to use it effectively while buying but now its found its place. On my bedside table holding little essentials that a lady often needs...

Did you spot the basket.It somehow reminds me of tea pickers of Darjeeling and Assam who carry such baskets on their back while picking tea leaves.

Yet another one from Dubai, it serves as a magazine holder. Placed right beside my work space, it helps me get lost in the world of decor and travel magazines.Energizes me, so that after a fruitful break I can get back to the work in hand!

Did this make for an interesting post. Did you like my ideas? Try incorporating the usual, in an unusual way.It can bring a lot of cheer to the otherwise monotonous routine. 

We are already half way though this year...Many more engaging posts in the coming months to follow.So stay tuned and enjoy your weekend.

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