Friday, May 5, 2017

Decor at a cafe

Being a decor blogger can  be upsetting for the family sometimes because the moment I set foot in a place with eye catchy decor,off I go with the camera, clicking pics.

Few days back we were at this cafe called 'TAB-Take a Break' The decor vignettes they have placed in the niches and corners is very interesting.For a cafe that specializes in Italian food and bakery items,the decor was purely Indian.I found this very fascinating.

The restaurant operates from an old home and houses brass and bronze artifacts.They have maintained a good garden with stone artifacts as well (couldn't click pics of the same due to insufficient lighting!)

Wasn't this awesome? Apart from the decor and the ambiance the food is equally good.Never ever have we been disappointed. Limited but a very delicious spread of pizzas, pasta,risotto and desserts they serve.They get my full points!


meg said...

Really each display item is unique and awesome... the intricate work on the brass pots and mirrors is eye-catching.

home furnishing ideas said...


Anonymous said...

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