Monday, May 22, 2017

A homestay within a mango orchard- Mango Mulch

This vacation was fun. We took two short breaks, one at a resort in Hassan which you can read about here and the other at a homestay in Talekkadu.

Mango mulch is just the place to be! To get away from the chaos and maddening city life, you need a place just like this. True to its name, one can find the king of fruits hanging just about everywhere! The place boasts of about 5 huge 100 year old mango trees and about 60 others.

The home stay belongs to a lovely couple, Ashwini & Sudhakar who make you feel completely relaxed and at ease with the surroundings. There are 3 cottages which are designed in the most Eco friendly manner. The dining space is common and to be shared by all the residents occupying the cottages.We were two families  and the entire space belonged to us for the two days, that we were there!

Before I show you around Mango mulch, another word of appreciation for the gracious hosts who diligently supervised the food coming out of the kitchen. A complete spread of delicious home cooked food was served to us. I missed taking photograph of the melt-in-the-mouth pudding that Ashwini served to us one evening!

They have a beautiful home within the premises and their hometour was a real feast to the eyes. Ashwini is an Architect and Sudhakar is a Civil Engineer and their expertise reflects in every corner of their home! Amazing wood work, two courtyards, vibrant customized tiles on the floor, antiques collected over years adorn their space.

In the latter part of the post, I shall give a sneak peak into their love nest but you take my word for it and visit the place and let yourself be soaked in the beauty of it all!

Come now, let us take a virtual tour of this amazing place.

Mango mulch it is!

A pot hung upside down serves as a lamp

Two rooms on either side with a sit-out in the centre of the verandah

Close-up of the cottage exterior

We taking a property tour with Sudhakar

I spent all my time on this swing!

Our cottage from a distance...

I told you, mangoes hang from just about everywhere!

Now, let us take a look inside the cottage. Simple layout, ideal sitting arrangement and a pleasing decor style is what you notice once you are inside the cottage.

Nice and cozy!

A sewing machine put to good use!

Can sit here for hours with a book and gaze outside


The dining area

Our kids had a wonderful time here playing hide and seek, cricket, football, climbing trees,enjoying their hammock and swing sessions. Apart from this they were amazed to see a variety of fruit trees other than mango like pappaya, chickoo, pomegranete, banana etc

Ashwini and Sudhakar's home

I loved those niches, the wooden door frame and everything inside!
 All the while, we could make out the distinct sound of peacocks.  And every time I was near the lily pond my heart desired to see them dancing in full glory! They were somewhere quite near but they chose to remain elusive!

That's a lily pond 

Beauty is in simplicity!
 There is a small temple of Lord Dakshinamurthy adjacent to their home. You can see all of us praying and thanking Him for the lovely stay that we had.

A lovely place to enjoy nature and such warm and welcoming hosts. Nothing more to ask for!


meg said...

Loved the place and loved ur writeup as always... lush green surroundings n simple cosy huts r very soothing to eyes...

Sangitha Aanand said...

Yes Meghana,a delightful place indeed to be with family! Sometimes the heart craves for the simple pleasures in life.

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