Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Role of deities in Indian decor

As I sat one day lazily sipping coffee and watching an ad on t.v, I happened to gaze around my home and a sudden realization came upon me. How much we Indians love to have decor around our favourite deities!

Every corner in my home had an idol of Gods and Goddess ranging from Ganesha, Hanuman, Rama, Krishna, Durga and the likes. And to tell you, we really love it that way! Deities are omnipresent in our decor scheme.

Some of the Gods that we have are purely because somewhere we have a special attachment with them, some are so cute that you got to display them, some are considered auspicious, some because a certain God has a deep connection with an Indian art form, that you so much love and so it goes... Ah! the reasons are many.

Anyway sharing some images from my home.I know for sure that most readers will instantly connect with the point am trying to make.

Ganesha playing the flute is a little different because generally Krishna is seen playing the flute.

Lord Guruvayurappan, another form of Krishna is the main deity in Guruvayyur in Kerala This is special since it was a  gift from my aunt for my wedding

My home is blessed with the presence of Ganpati, in frames and idol form

Rama and Krishna among the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu on my coffee table

Hanuman in Kinhal craft which is a  traditional wooden craft local to the town of Kinhal, or Kinnal, in Koppal District, North Karnataka, India

Here Maruti is depicted as the courageous one (Viramaruti) ready for battle and thus tail in the upright position.Sometimes he is shown as the servitor,paying obeisance  to Lord Rama (Dasmaruti) where his tail rests on the ground.

This is a Ganesha  carved on wood, have been hugely inspired by Chandan Dubey to frame it this way by providing a backdrop with an orange hued silk fabric.The small motifs are handpainted.

These were some of the spaces in my abode, influenced by the divine power. How about you? Do you also gravitate towards the presence of the supreme being in your home.

Coming soon on the blog is a review and the interiors of a lovely resort in Karnataka. Stay tuned for more!


komal soni said...
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komal soni said...

Great article. Couldn’t be write much better!
Keep it up!

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