Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY on cushion covers from Tuni interiors

Hey folks am back with a simple DIY that can change the look of your cushion covers/ pillow covers.But before that, you all are aware of Tuni Interiors right ? I had featured them last year on sajavat.If you want to have a look again at their amazing work head straight here

Now, it was very sweet of them to send me a pair of cushion covers. The frills on the sides are a brilliant addition I feel! This cushion cover comes from their Bouganvillea collection.

Beautiful isn't it? So, I received similar pair like these with a cute additional pocket.
I just  gave a small DIY twist to these covers using pom-poms.Yes, so the post is on making these cute little  Pom-poms and getting them sewed to the cushion cover.Here you go with the DIY.

 Materials required: yarn in different colours, a plain cushion cover, needle, embroidery floss

Step 1: Take the yarn and start wrapping it around two of your fingers. To make a nice fluffy ball of pom pom you need to rotate the yarn around your fingers at least 100 times.

Step 2: Once the yarn has been wrapped 100 or more times around your finger, slowly insert another small string of yarn between the two fingers. Now, slowly slide the yarn ball off your hand.

Step 3: Tie the yarn strand tightly around the center of the bundle. We have a ball now with the loops of the bundle on both ends and the knot in the middle.

Step 4: Cut through all the loops on both ends of the bundle.

Step 5: This ball of yarn has to take the shape of a pom-pom so, trim all around until it’s neat, compact and a perfect ball. Make such pretty pom-poms in different colours.

Step 6: Choose your cushion cover. Stitch the pom pom balls as flowers on the cushion. You can either paint the stems or do a stem-stitch. You can add more pom-poms of smaller dimension around the edges or four corners as well.

How do you find these? You just have to know how to make pom-poms, then use your imagination. Make them in smaller size and create a bunch of pretty flowers in vibrant colours. All up to you.
Hope you will try these.Happy DIY-ing...


Ranjana's craft blog said...

DIY looks very simple. Changed entire look of the cushion. Thanks for sharing.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thank you Ranjana

SKARtec SEO said...
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