Thursday, March 10, 2016

The secret to a happy home!

Homes are our heaven! The dream of millions is to have a space of their own. Considering that it is a major investment, we leave no stone un turned to keep it safe, strong and beautiful. All your free time and energy is spent in setting the home right, moving around things till the desirable is achieved.
These days we also can have the help of experts and bloggers in the field of interiors and décor who guide you to add the extra zing to your abodes! Not only do they give you interesting decorating tips but also informative ones.

One such blog that I found to be a little different and providing info also on the maintenance and upkeep of our homes is The Happy Homes Blog’. As I was reading through the various posts on the blog, I had an instant connect with it. Most of the time we are concerned more about the décor of our homes rather than its overall maintenance and this is one aspect which cannot be over emphasized. Some years back, we had to take up a major repairing work in our home because of negligence in waterproofing. What started as a small issue, took a real bad turn. One of our walls had a mild dampness which we could see over time but somehow never thought much about it until it started showing an ugly patch of black wall due to mold formation. Preventive maintenance would have tackled the issue at the very start. I remember we had to shell quite a bit to set it straight.

Another incident that comes to mind and we are dealing with it currently. My parents’ home is going through a major revamping because of some floor tiles that has come off loose. One thing led to another and we could hear many tiles making ‘that’ particular sound when you walk on them that finally it came to a point that the whole flooring has to be replaced.

Why am I boring you with all these woes? Just to stress on the importance of waterproofing, fixing and caring for tiling, insulation and all other regular upkeep that one must carry out in their homes. The happy homes blog addresses all such problems that you didn’t have a clue about. Now does it make sense when I say, it’s a Different blog?

 This blog is the creative space of Pidilite Industries Ltd. Dr. Fixit and Roff are the brands under Pidilite which are offering expert care in  home improvement and renovation.

On 26th February, Pidilite held a very interesting and informative event at the launch of its blog ‘The happy Home Blog’. The Happy home blog will cater to your pre, during and post construction needs in areas such as renovation, building a new home and keeping it in trend all with the help of experts in this field!

At the launch of the blog, Mr Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemicals Division, Pidilite Industries Ltd, said, “We at Pidilite firmly believe that it’s our duty to assist our consumers face various challenges in the upkeep of their homes. This is why the blog offers insight across all the various aspects of home maintenance. It is our hope that through this blog our expertise, accumulated over several decades in the industry, can be shared with home-owners to help give shape to their dream of home-ownership. ”

Some pics of the launch event:

The happy home certificate wall…

The panel of experts who graced the occasion were:

•         Alpa Dalal, Pulmonologist
•         Omkar Thakur, Vastushastra Consultant
•         C.A Ramesh Prabhu – Head of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association
•         Shilpi Kakkar Madan- Contributing Editor, Better Homes

The Blog ( features posts and articles across various categories giving home-owners an insight into different aspects of looking after their homes.
This blog is like a real eye opener .It discusses so much of these issues which we are not aware at all. Visitors to the blog can sift through posts on waterproofing and insulation as well as roof-repair, tiling, décor and renovation ideas among several more. The blog also features a ‘healthy home calculator’, which poses a series of questions and determines the health of a particular home based on the answers given. Isn’t that something different & interesting? I am sure, going to take up this questionnaire.

The Happy Home blog has prominent bloggers like Sharon D’souza, Rukmani Roy Kadam, Disha Mishra Dubey and many others on board who give us an insight into the finer aspects of Home improvement and development.

Some of the recent topics that I found interesting and engaging are


I seriously recommend the blog to everyone who love their homes. The happy homes blog will surely help all, to have a happy and healthy home.


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Loved the tiling ideas..

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Very informative site

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really a different initiative of giving info on home maintenance thru a blog.... interesting as well as informative...

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