Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jew town-Fort Kochi

Some time back we had been to Kochi( Cochin) in Kerala.Today's post is about the shopper's lane in Fort Kochi area also popularly called as 'Jew town'.It is a paradise for the art lovers and shopaholics alike.The Jew Street itself has a very interesting history.Long back the Jews traded in these narrow lanes although now only a handful of them remain.
Jew town is a quaint little area that lends out an old world charm.

Kerala and Kochi in particular is still known world wide for their aromatic spices.The entire street is filled with antique shops replete with brass, bronze and wooden artifacts in particular. One can take their own time and go through each antique shop. They are like museums giving you a glimpse of an era gone by.Let me share  some images of  Jew town.

These are cow heads.Available in most shops made of wood and brightly painted.Used to be hung around on the outer doors to ward off evil and bring prosperity!

A stone Nandi standing guard!

I think this is a granary..not sure although

some old wooden vessels

Jew town was beautiful with shops lined on either side of the street selling, what I love the most-Antiques.After all the walking and sight seeing,if you would want to rest for a while, head to a cafe. There were so many of them at every turn and much to see and so little time.

More on the Kerala trip will follow soon.Some info on Kerala Architecture, a palace visit and a picture heavy post from-  A visit to Folk Museum.Keep visiting!


Vasudha Somayaji said...

We had been here some years back when we were just married,time when we were stingy. Hoping to visit again in future.

gibber said...
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