Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Smart storage solutions in kids room

Efficient storage in kid’s room is an issue and challenge in itself. We have all dealt with this at some point or the other. Toys, books, sports gear, clothes, other knick knacks, all need to be organized properly so that there is less mess and clutter. This way kids too, learn to enjoy their space without invading into the living or their parents’ bedroom.

Some ideas for storage that has worked well with me are,

Furniture & storage:  always opt for furniture that has adequate storage options. The kids cot can have storage space inside to store extra blankets, pillows and cushions. Bunker beds are also ideal when the space has to be shared. Do not let the space around the cot go waste. Custom make the cots with pull out cabinets.

Furniture which can be dismantled is perfect since when not in use they can be stored away easily. Flexible furniture gives you the freedom to turn them into pieces to suit the kids growing requirement. As in cots, that can turn into a bed as the child grows. Even beds that can be extended to accommodate two kids at a time.

                                        Pull outs below the cot that can store daily wear items.

                                                                Colourful bunker beds.

When opting for study desk, it is advisable to have drawers and cabinets built around them to take care of their books and other school necessities. This kind of desk ensures work space as well as ample storage for books and recreation.

Such cloth pouches around the table is an excellent way to organize kids stuff without actually taking up extra space.

Store away, night time story books and soft toys in these hanging bedside organizers.

Make use of wall space: Floating shelves are ideal for storing knick knacks and books. With decorative book ends they look cute too. Thus they free up cabinet space.This kind of decor is  organised  as well as attractive.

This arrangement is good for grown up kid. The wall is provided with towel rods/ hooks and baskets to store the essential craft supplies.

                                        Yet another example that also acts as a decorative piece.

Baskets to the rescue: When the child is young, the toys can be stored in baskets. These baskets when stacked, can be then slided into the slots provided in the closet.

These baskets come in various materials. They can be marked to avoid confusion and listing the items in each basket makes it easier to access. You can go for weaved baskets for a more sophisticated look.

Discover Hidden space: Sometimes it is left to our keen observation to identify spaces that can be ideal for storage. The insides of the cabinet door can be fixed with hangers and organizers to hold the essentials.

These are certain ideas for a better and organized kids room.

Image courtesy: Images are sourced from the pinterest.


Aalayam Inspiration said...

This post inspires me to take on some summer storage projects! we'll see- I am not a big DIY person, unfortunately!


Raj Aryan said...

I loved the Bed..

Anonymous said...

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Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Deepa,

Kids room especially has immense scope as they have too many stuff to store and you really need to be smart in finding storage solution.
Try your hands at it and let me know too.All the best

sahil rane said...

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