Sunday, May 31, 2015

Homes that inspire me!

I had promised you a post on some amazing home fronts that are blessed by mother nature.Got the chance to click pics of  gardens and lawns with cottages in the backdrop.

We had been to Corona Del Mar (New Port beach) ,which means 'Crown of the sea' and it truly justifies its name.It is perched above the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean and this hamlet has a character of its own, aesthetically beautiful with vintage cottages and stunning homes with flower beds on either side.

These are perfect places to spend an idle afternoon with tea/coffee and a book for company. Did you notice that  the doors and windows of most of these homes are in blue colour. May be  these homes take inspiration from  the colour of the vast ocecan.

I am  just wondering, if the exteriors of a home can be so breath taking, then the interiors must be something to rave about. isn't it?

Also, there were succulents in abundance, lined on the pathway to the beach. I wish I could transport all of them to my place.

They were in colours I had not seen before. Shades of green, reds, pink, orange and deep wine. So so beautiful! that they can simply not be described in words.

Have a look...

I love the idea of holidaying in such places .Good food, company of family and friends and a peaceful, relaxing stay amidst nature. Enjoy the week ahead with such lovely thoughts.

 Let me also remind you of the giveaway from Purple Turtles. Do email me, pics of  'a lighting  corner at your home '. As mentioned earlier, three best entries will be selected. So do hurry up folks. Am waiting to hear from you.

Lined up next, is a talented artist for you. keep reading the blog  and happy decorating!


Raj Aryan said...

Really Loved the home. It gives feeling of freshness.

Mamta Bajaj said...

All the house seems very fresh, beautiful and exotic. Even greenery and flowers making their look more stunning and nice. Thanks for sharing.
Mamta Bajaj
Interior Designer

sahil rane said...
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sahil rane said...
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