Thursday, April 2, 2015

Green Therapy

Summer is here for good now. Even Bangalore is not spared this time.It is during these months that we truly realize the importance of trees, plants, flowers...greens in general.

The empty land that our balcony faces was empty for quite a long time.There was a confusion as to what it would turn out into finally. But just last week, work has started there.Now I understand, it is going to have a mini amphitheater and some landscaping. Really looking forward to the transformation. At the same time, yesterday a truck load of various plants have arrived. It was an awesome sight.

 These days its so easy to convert  an empty space into a green land. Nurseries have plants of all kinds and sizes.You just have to get and plant them in the soil. Regular maintenance and within no time the place is transformed into a mini garden Truly loving all the activities taking place.

My son had a great time, posing for all the pictures. Few minutes of outdoor activity,being among nature is a wonderful feeling. In our own capacity, we can grow plants at our home, make a herb garden whether it is about ornamental plants or one for your kitchen requirement, garden therapy is truly magical. 

1 comment:

Raj Aryan said...

That' really great thought. We must save our Earth by growing plants..

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