Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Hello all,

Today, let me share some more beautiful homes with you. As you all know these entries are part of the contest by GOODHOMES Magazine.

All you have to do is send me images on my E-mail ID, where there is" COLOUR PLAY THRU TEXTILES/FABRICS IN HOME DECOR"

There is a lovely gift hamper worth Rs 3000/- to be won from Printed Noise and Tangerine...Isn't that great news?

1. Leena Aries

Lovely colour palette... Absolutely stunning... very traditional...

2. Mira Midha from Pune

Such beautiful homes. The jury is going to have a tough time....

3. Disha Mishra Dubey

Colourful cushions can enhance the overall look of a home. Combining them with accent pieces seems to create a cozy, homely and lively abode.

4. Subramanian from Mumbai

He says, "I am a lover of all handmade things and this reflects in my home as well. It is a teel coloured, hand woven bedspread with the cushions lending their colours too."

All the best participants....

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