Friday, August 8, 2014


Hi Readers,

The entries for the contest have started coming and am going to share some of them with all of you.

COLOURS and FABRICS... lovely combination to enhance your home decor.
The jury comprises of experts like Andy Munro, Eleonore Cavalli and Krsna Mehta.

May the best entry win is all I can say. Best of luck to all the participants. Now for some eye catching and colourful decor

1.Vidisha Thakur from Noida

She is thankful for the opportunity to have showcased her colour soaked home. I feel she loves the colour RED.

2.Sapna Mahadevan from Mumbai

She says,"The mat on the sit out is a weaved chattai with wonderful play of colours and the liner on the console is handpainted  by me, showing vibrant melange of colours.

3. Kalpa Shah

Pink and green combination...wonderful Kalpa...

Looking forward to many more colourful homes. keep them coming... am waiting...

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