Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dreams come true...but it takes time and effort and the belief in yourself to move forward in life,in the direction of your dreams.
I have a dear friend MEGHANA BHIDE who has taken baby steps into the world of creativity and art.

Her collection includes:

Torans, made of jari cloth, beads and dry leaves.
 Wooden gift and home decor items from Banaras, handmade and painted by karagirs.
 Kitchen organizers and kids' room organisers

 Purses, clutches, utility pouches, bags in silk, cotton and jute with superior quality and in varied designs for daily and festive purposes.

In her own words...
A note about my venture...

My first ever realisation of my creative inclination and abilities came along when I designed and stitched a evening gown for myself when I was 15. Since then for around 15 years, I never visited a tailor as I would stitch my dresses myself. Then friends started giving me orders for designing their suits, baby frocks, quilts, etc. I also tried my hands at other home craft items all along.

Then i started designing stationary items like files, folders, notepads, pen stands made of cloth and hand embroidery, etc and also started taking part in exhibitions during my college days.

I still preserve that hidden wish to have my own boutique but somehow did not have enough courage and mindset to take up the challenge.

Six years back, when I took a back seat from a full time job of editor, and got into freelance profession, the creative juices started oozing out again.

Since then have been enjoying the process of creation as well as trying to venture into a business, because it's not just a hobby but it's my qualification and wanna be profession which I always dreamt of to be in.

Now, to give my own creations a platform and a boost, I have joined hands with some other creative people, contributing to their products with my designs and promoting their products through my brand.

I wish her all the success.May she enjoy the process of bringing up her baby and the rest  as they say will happen on its own!!!
If any of my blog readers wish to contact her,can do so by dropping her a mail at



meg said...

:) Thanks a lot dear... I know your best wishes are always with me... in fact you have been my big inspiration in this entire creative process! How wish you were here!

pam said...

I'm new to this blogging stuff, but your blog is beautiful! I love how colorful and creative it is.
You remind me of me, into so many different creative ventures. Do you have any tips on staying organized and on track with ideas and projects?
My blog is:
God Bless and thanks for blogging! said...

awesome amazing sweet stuff in this post

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